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NEW PROGRAM! - HYPE/T Mindful Yoga Training


HY-DY Inc. Celebrating Juneteenth with New Programs/Products

On Monday June 20th Americans will acknowledge Juneteenth as a national holiday in recognition of Blacks’ liberation from enslavement. HY-DY Inc. a nonprofit owned by a Black female (Dr. Naima Lewis), will join thousands of others throughout the nation on that day in conveying what freedom means to Black charitable and educational organizations. This holiday will afford HY-DY a timely opportunity to share its concepts of freedom used to further liberate and expand on the education of those in protective services.

On Monday June 20th HY-DY will host the last public showing of its recently released Higher Yoga Protective Edu/Training (HYPE/T) online video for those in law enforcement. This groundbreaking educational product is the first of its kind to hit the law enforcement NCP (Nationally Certified Programs) marketplace and will launch HY-DY’s now available programs for those in public service.

HY-DY’s strategically crafted mindful Yoga programs are designed to specifically train those in protective services to breathe, stretch, and meditate on new methods that reform and expand the boundaries of their current curriculum. When peaceful practices are mindfully embedded into training programs, those who parole, who are hired to serve and protect “all lives,” will be taught to further liberate a sense of freedom and peace in communities of color.

Contact for invite to attend the HYPE/T zoom preview at 7:00 p.m. EST


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