Organization Background

HYer DYnamic Health Discoveries dba HY-DY Inc.

HY-DY is an educational and charitable non-profit organization for Georgia.  The organization's mission is to provide prevention/intervention programs and products to underserved populations, and to those whose human potential has been underestimated.  Since its inception in 2002, it has developed trainings, education, and support products to individuals, groups, and organizations in need of health and human service programs. 


HY-DY has touched the lives and raised health consciousness in groups throughout the world.  Through its unique services, it has created the reputation of an organization that genuinely cares about improving  health & self-healing. HY-DY has partnered with several  major organizations  to better serve diverse populations in a variety of settings.  It has partnered with The Andrew and Walter YMCA, Fort Valley State University, Peach Medical Center, The Early Family Practice Medical Center, The Village at Carver Family YMCA, Hillside Chapel and Truth Center,  Bally Total Fitness Center, GA Obesity Task Force, and several Country Clubs and senior resident facilities in GA to  provide dynamic evidence-based health programs.

Best Yoga Teacher Training

HY-DY is a Service Provider for organizations and agencies in need of wellness services e.g. Yoga (mat & chair) Pilates, Aerobic dance, Water Aerobics and Meditation/stress management services. HY-DY's instructors teach all age groups with special training in Shaping Shades of Gray programs for young & older seniors. 


Founder/director Dr. Lewis conducts Private Prearranged sessions with individuals upon request. Semi-private Group Intensive "boot camps" are enjoyed 2-3 times yearly to assist in furthering  personal health and guiding group support.

HY-DY's Yoga Teacher Training School 200 hr program, certifies students to teach Yoga to all adults, with an additional focus on young and older seniors.

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Dr Naima Lewis, Founder/Director


Naima Gwen Lewis received her Ph.D. in Education from the Univ. of California at Berkeley, her Masters in Dance from Mills College, and her Bachelors in Health and Physical Education from Calif. St. Univ. at Los Angeles.   She has taught Dance, Health, Human Development, Fitness, and Wellness courses as  a full time, adjunct and visiting professor at U.C. Berkeley, Howard Univ., Clark Atl. Univ., Fort Valley  St. Univ., Kennesaw  St. Univ. and Florida A&M Univ. She has been a catalyst in institutionalizing  mind/body/spirit courses in several HBCU's, and has formulated core course curriculum to support the universities' educational objectives. She has served as a consultant for CDC, DHHS, NIH and for many nonprofit and for profit agencies, nationally.  Dr. Lewis has taught, performed, researched and/or lectured throughout the African diaspora, as well as in Europe and India.  She is the author of  the book "Holistic Counseling: An  Innovative Approach  to Self-Empowerment" and several professional articles, CDs, DVDs, MP3s and Mp4s regarding health and wellness. 


Dr. Lewis has 35+ years experience designing and implementing mental, physical and spiritual health  programs and products that have impacted the lives of innumerable participants.  As a  pioneer in holistic education she has piloted spiritually based weight loss programs for African American women, kinesthetic research programs for ADHD children and their teachers, and has been in the forefront of nontraditional stress management and substance abuse treatment programs  for several decades.

 Naima is certified by the International Association  of Yoga Therapist enabling her to draw upon her vast knowledge of movement, Yoga, nutrition, aging & addiction therapy to help those in private or group settings further their understanding of human potential, at all walks of life.  Her lectures, workshops, classes and seminars are interactive, educational, and enjoyed by diverse groups from a variety of professions.

In 2002 she founded  HYer DYnamic Health Discoveries (HY-DY Inc.) where she and staff provide health and human development services to urban and rural communities throughout Georgia. She is director and Master Trainer for HY-DY's Yoga Teacher Training School, which renders  personal and professional development courses for CEU and certification  under  Yoga Alliance, the international accrediting organization.

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