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I reached deep inside for breath to help me manage my pain

Knowing how to breath is critical, because you never know when you will need it as a healing therapy. It’s a skill that you should just be able to access organically at times like this.

Immediately following the car accident I reached deep inside for breath to help me manage my pain. I started with deep breathing, and have had to use it consistently as I wind through this complex path of healing myself. Yea that’s clearly what It’s about, is figuring out how I going to play an active role in healing myself.

With the fractured hip and pinched nerve, seated in a full Lotus is impossible. Even a ½ Lotus, or just sitting vertically with my shoulders over hips is uncomfortable. But I must breathe deeply, and the best way to engage the process is with a straight back that allows for an open diaphragm.

Pranayama, as it’s regarded in Yoga breathing practice means “life force.” That’s exactly the seminal basis from which I’ve had to pull. Tapping into a force to fuel my connection with life’s good, is what is needed when life get’s tough, and not so good. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide evenly, consciously, and methodically are skills that all adults should have.

Each inhalation allows me to draw in oxygen, the natural abundant substance used to open, purify, and strengthen each aspect of myself. The exhalation is used to stabilize and focus the strength, softly ridding my body and mind of barriers that impede the healing process.

As I draw in I listen to oxygen giving my new cells direction as to where to go… where they are most needed inside of me now to seal the cracks in my fractured pelvis. As I exhale I deliberately push out just enough of the medically needed toxins, leaving just enough meds to help me manage those stubborn places of discomfort. With training you find that balance.

As I inhale I feel myself purifying and connecting deeply with my DNA, that most seminal composition of each cell. My exhalation helps me to discard the recently damaged part of that cellular structure, and allows me to find harmony in this recycling process.

I inhale to dispel the mental chatter that mocks me, telling me I’m broken, over the hill, and that this all too much for this aging body to handle. The inhalation enables me to crystallize images of my returning to my full and free bodywork. I exhale and sink into that vision. I exhale deeper to pierce the pall, that negative cloud that hovers over an injured body with damaged tissue.

Breath has become my friend, my lover, the sweet silent serene stuff I now curl-up to allowing it to kiss and caress all of those places I now want no one else to touch. It is the mother to it’s offspring “meditation,” the other life supporting method that I’m using, and that we will discuss on my next Blog.

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