HY-DY's Yoga Teacher Training School

HYer DYnamic Health Discoveries HY-DY Inc. is a Yoga Teacher Training School approved by Yoga Alliance the accrediting organization. The School was founded by Dr. Naima Lewis in 2014 who provides direct leadership to the School with the use of assistants as needed. Yoga Alliance registered schools and their instructors are recognized for meeting high international standards of training, experience, and ongoing professional development.


HY-DY's curriculum draws from a wide array of principles, philosophies, procedures and pedagogies as related to Yoga…from its broadest definition. The course content provides participants with a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as teaching methodologies and practicum application of breath and meditation.


The RYT course has been experienced by many students to deepen their personal growth, enhance their health and their comprehensive understanding of whole human development. Participants are trained to teach all adults, with an additional focus on stabilizing and supporting young and older seniors. Active seniors who want to teach part-time are encouraged to enroll in this training program. Graduates of all ages now serve in colleges, communities, churches, clinics and more, and are provided opportunities to teach for HY-DY's Yoga programs.


The training certifies its graduates to teach diverse populations throughout the adult lifespan traditional Yoga practices in a variety of  settings.     YTT Certification is rendered upon successful completion of the full course, along with the recommendation of Dr. Lewis, the Master Trainer.


As a nonprofit, HY-DY’s mission is to serve under-served populations with quality programming at affordable prices. Thus, HY-DY’s certification is cost sensitive yet uncompromising in its content and quality of instruction.   The YTT course consist of a predefined curriculum based on 50 years of personal and professional experience, along with academic research by it’s founder Dr. Naima Lewis. It consist of no less than 200 contact and non-contact hours in the following areas:

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Ethics and Philosophy of Yoga

Methodology (Techniques of Teaching)

Anatomy and Physiology

Shaping Shades of Gray

 (Teaching young & older seniors)

Continuing Education Credit offered in each of these modules

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