Shaping Shades of Gray

Shaping Shades of                    Gray

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Purpose and Programs

Shaping Shades of Gray "Shades" HY-DY’s recently branded comprehensive movement education program, was developed to address the broad health needs of 55-75 yr. olds.  Research suggests that special considerations are warranted when programming to the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual challenges confronting this age group. 


Shades is designed to engage young seniors in safely enjoying age appropriate e.g. Mat Yoga, Zumba Gold, Aerobic Dance, Water Aerobics and other active movement styles & healing movement modalities.

Shades  also provides less active, e.g., Chair Aerobics and more  passive movement programs e.g. Chair Yoga, , Breath & Meditation and other classes designed for older seniors and those who have limited mobility. 


Shades programs educate seniors as to how to cope with the eminent changes of aging and to maximize their quality of life during this period. Through HY-DY's lectures, programs, classes and trainings participants are equipped with methods and a mind-set ready to embrace the aging process. The programs help to raise consciousness as to how to access health comprehensively,  throughout life.


 Through our Shades programs Dr. Lewis and  a team of staff members are available to serve seniors at  their designated site.  (See Programs to learn about Shades classes, semi & private sessions and trainings).


Semi-private & personal sessions also available with Dr. Lewis


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