Resist COVID19 with Yoga Online Fall 2020 courses

Each weekend will equip you with the following components of the 8 Limbs of Yoga to enhance your personal health and increase your sense of stamina

The virtual B into B mini courses are offered to help harness your personal health and image of happiness, and to hold close your faith in building a better future.  Applied resistant tools rooted in the fundamental 8 Limbs of Yoga  principles & practices, will forge you ahead with fearless fortitude to use during these turbulent times.


BB 1 - Diminish Harm  Sept. 12th & 13th

     First Limb  - Yamas  execute mind/body spirit principle used historically to diminish harm to yourself and others; build consciousness & learn poses that empower you to persevere

BB 2 -Personal Protection Practices Sept 26th & 27th 

     Second Limb - Niyamas, Awaken your Wellness from Within; apply formula for a functional healthy lifestyle for dysfunctional times; foods that fuel; manipulate subtle energy 

BB 3 - Strengthen  Oct. 10th & 11th

     Third Limb - Asanas, arm yourself with knowledge and anatomical postures that strengthen all bodily systems to combat threatening health challenges; exercise increase stamina and sanity 

BB 4 - Breathe and Believe Oct 24th & 25th 

     Fourth Limb Pranayamas, engage several breathing techniques that enliven your life-force & push out pollutants, poisons deleterious to you health; help purify your respiratory system

BB 5 - Retreat, Refocus  Nov. 7th & 8th 

      Fifth Limb Pratyahara anchor attention on thriving during troubling times; focus on your  inner ower, organs & chemistry that combat harmful toxins; formulate perceptions that protect 

BB 6 - Stabilize with Serenity Nov 21st & 22nd

     Sixth Limb Dharana learn to stay strong in the moment; concentrate, dismantle stress and manage it with meaningful relaxation techniques; cultivate resiliency to current stressors

BB  7 - Enhance Security in Seniors  Dec. 5th & 6th 

      Seventh Limb  Dhyana access inner peace with deep meaningful meditations; through external turbulence sagaciously structure and shape a strong interior at every age & stage of life

BB 8 - Lighten your Load  Dec. 12th & 13th

      Eighth Limb Samadhi, enliven your inner light with self & universal love; transcend the woes of the world; witness how others stay on purpose; reconnect with health & happiness 


Advance registration required for each course          

  See preregistration form below.  Payments, $99 for each B into B mini course, received through credit card and PayPal at website Shop page, also via CashApp ($Myinfohydyinc) and  Zelle (