Fall 2021 online and hybrid weekend Yoga courses
Courses updated to address COVID 19's most recent variants.

The second series of B into B mini courses are even more efficacious than those taught in 2020! Course material and Yoga technology have been adapted to  address the newly formed pathogens that continue to put us at great risk for the virus.  Resistant tools rooted in the fundamental Eight  Limbs of Yoga  principles  are applied during each of the weekend  courses.



BB 1 - Diminish Harm  October 2nd

     First Limb  - Yamas  execute mind/body spirit principles used historically to diminish harm to yourself and others; build consciousness & learn poses that empower you to persevere

BB 2 -Personal Protection Practices  October 9th & 10th 

     Second Limb - Niyamas, Awaken your Wellness from Within; the applied formula for a functional healthy lifestyle for dysfunctional times; learn about foods that fuel immunity and how to manipulate subtle energy 

BB 3 - Strengthen  October 23rd & 24th      

Third Limb - Asanas, arm yourself with knowledge and anatomical postures that strengthen all bodily systems to combat threatening health challenges; exercises that  increase stamina and sanity 

BB 4 - Breathe and Believe  November 6th & 7th

     Fourth Limb Pranayamas, engage several breathing techniques that enliven your life-force & push out pollutants that are  poisonous to you health; help purify your respiratory system; detox from deleterious pathogens

BB 5 - Retreat, Refocus  November 20th & 21st 

      Fifth Limb Pratyahara anchor attention on thriving during troubling times; learn mindful meditation to help focus on your  inner power; create unwavering bodily tissue,  organs & chemistry that can combat harmful toxins; root yourself in perceptions that protect 

BB 6 - Stabilize with Serenity   December 4th & 5th

     Sixth Limb Dharana learn to stay strong in the moment; concentrate, dismantle stress and manage it with meaningful relaxation techniques; cultivate resiliency to current stressors

BB  7 - Enhance Security in Seniors  December 11th & 12th

      Seventh Limb  Dhyana access inner peace with deep meaningful meditations;    sagaciously structure and shape a strong interior at every age & stage of life;  learn to sturdy and settle yourself  during unsettling times.


 BB 8 - Lighten your Load   December 18th                                                                                   Eighth Limb Samadhi, enliven your inner light with self & universal love; transcend the woes of the world; witness how others stay on purpose; stand solid; recommit to a better humanity, health & happiness


Advance registration required for each course          

  See preregistration form below.  Payments, $99 for each B into B mini course, received through credit card and PayPal at website Shop page, also via CashApp ($Myinfohydyinc) and  Zelle (