HyDy's Yoga Teacher Training School offers CEU for RYT 200

What  you will get from the program

Techniques/Training/Practice:  Includes asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, mantra meditation and other

traditional yoga techniques; analytical in-depth training as to how to practice various yoga

techniques, and how to guide yourself and others to comprehensively reap the benefits of the


Teaching Methodology:  Includes principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting,  population specific pedagogy, with consideration for each student's learning style.  (Graduates are often given the opportunity to teach or assist with HY-DY 's yoga programs in various communities. Course content also includes the business aspects of teaching yoga in diverse settings globally. (CEUs offered)

Anatomy and Physiology: Includes guiding the learner through each bodily system and the accompanying major/subtle physiological changes typically occurring at each stage of adult life.   Includes both the study of A & P and comprehensive application of its principles to yoga practice, its benefits, contraindications, and healthy movement patterns. (CEUs possible)

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics:  Includes the study and application of yoga principles, yoga integration into personal lifestyle, and standards/ethics for quality yoga teachers.

Shaping Shades of Gray (Curriculum bonus, targeting young and older seniors) Includes program specialization.  In addition to preparing participants to teach general adult populations, the last training module focuses on traditional and current age-appropriate yoga techniques that comprehensively address the needs of the 55 and older age groups. (CEUs offered)

Who can qualify for the RYT 200 program

Participant Prerequisites:  All participants must have some background with the physical Asanas, i.e., postures, and clearance from their physician to fully engage the Hatha Yoga practice.  The application process entails a verbal, written, and physical opportunity for HY-DY and the applicant to establish a good fit, before we accept responsibility in assisting you in achieving your goals.  You do not have to be advanced in Yoga Asanas to be accepted.  However, your willingness to grow through full participation in mind, body, and spiritual  expansion is essential.  Also important is your vision, motivation, and commitment to furthering humankind, through the Yoga profession.  Written applications are available following verbal screening with program director.  Accepted written applications will be followed by an additional personal screening before full course acceptance. (There is no screening process for CEUs applicants.)

Course Format: Fall course:  Sept 8th – Dec. 9th  2018.  Specific weekend meeting dates indicated below. Training activities will occur in individual, small, and full groups.  Intermittent non-contact, at-home or in-community assignments are also part of the curriculum. Primary training site at 1041 Jodeco Rd.   Stockbridge, GA.

Investment in this personal and professional transformational process:  Certification course cost $2,000.   Cost for training supplies, resource materials, & course events $ 200.  This does not include your personal yoga mat, strap and blocks, which must be brought to each training session.  Participants are requested to have access to a printer to download required course materials.  

Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200 Pay in Full

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